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Ariel I Meet The Alpacas

 Ariel & Rachel Mom & Daughter Alpacas Meet The Alpacas Prairie Spirit Alpacas

Ariel has the most beautiful blue eyes that draw in anyone she meets. When she was younger her mother Rachel, who was a fantastic mother, but didn't have enough milk for her baby. So Ariel did not get enough colostrum which led Ariel to go septic. She had seizures and was very ill. Ariel was put on an IV & nursed back to health with a lot of love.

Ariel I Meet The Alpacas Prairie Spirit Alpacas

Today Ariel is doing great & is in full health. You can purchase her gorgeous Alpaca fleece from the Neutral Collection under her namesake Ariel's yarn.

Shop Ariel's yarn

To learn more about Ariel & see her journey you can watch her video.

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