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Alpaca Fleece

Prairie Spirit Alpacas is an alpaca farm with Huacaya alpacas. They are quiet gentle animals that are bred for their fleece. Alpacas are raised naturally and are easy on the land. Our alpacas are like family, each and every one has been named and ethically raised together in their family units!

We are currently selling products made from alpaca fleece. It is a luxury fibre that comes in 22 natural colours and we also sell hand dyed yarn and products.

Alpaca fleece has incredible softness, partly due to the extremely fine micron and partly due to the scale structure of each individual fibre as the scales are lower and smoother than those of sheep wool fibre that give it a low prickle factor.

Alpaca fleece does not have lanolin like sheep and thus can be processed without the use of harsh chemicals and is also very hypoallergenic. Most people that are allergic to wool find they can easily wear soft alpaca yarn.

Alpaca fleece is more than two times warmer than wool, and is antibacterial due to its moisture wicking properties. It is water resistant with only 8% moisture retention vs 30% moisture retention for sheep.

It is also flame resistant, in fact almost flame retardant.