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Alpaca Socks I Luxe Fit
Alpaca Socks I Luxe Fit
Alpaca Socks I Luxe Fit
Alpaca Socks I Luxe Fit

Alpaca Socks I Luxe Fit

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Our Alpaca wool socks are an everyday essential! Moisture wicking and warm while still fitting into your everyday footwear.

Sock contents:

  • Alpaca 80%
  • Nylon 20%

    Colour of socks:

    • Grey
    • Brown
    • Hockey Socks with red stripe
     Why choose Alpaca socks?
    • Our socks have a hollow-core  fibre that traps air for better insulation in any weather.
    • Our socks are very soft and luxurious yet incredibly strong and lightweight.
    • Alpaca fibre are warmer than sheep wool socks. Better yet, it breathes!
    • Alpaca socks have a lightweight natural fibre, and therefore alpaca socks weigh less than other thermal socks.
    • Alpaca is naturally hypoallergenic.
    • Alpaca socks naturally wick away moisture extremely well
    • Alpaca socks are machine washable.
    • Perfect for cold weather: Looking for socks for the winter? Made from alpaca fibre, they are extremely warm, soft, comfortable and made to last!
    • Alpaca socks are the best socks money can buy!
    • Best of all, our alpaca socks are made in Canada
    • Our Alpaca Scarves would be a great pairing with our socks.


    Approx $33 USD